Volume 10 2017 of SLM (featuring substantial work by Michael Buckley, Linda Delmont, Eileen Aronson Ireland, Denny E. Marshall and Jonathan Rapp) is now available for $6.49 (free shipping is still available if you purchase $35 of books and select the standard free-shipping prompts) through amazon.com.   Follow the link below, or, in the amazon site (books) search window, type Spot Lit 10, or, type the name of one of the contributors, and the issue should pop up. To access all Spot Lit issues, type Spot Literary Magazine into the (books) search window, or type Susan Hansell, and all ten issues from the first five years of publication, as well as all four double-issues in the newer annual format, should come up.

MORE on the current issue:

SLM 10 (2017 double issue) features 110 pages of work by Michael Buckley (fiction), Linda Delmont (poetry), Susan Hansell (poetry), Eileen Aronson Ireland (poetry), Denny E. Marshall (drawings), Jonathan Rapp (poetry).

Follow this link to the 2017 issue Spot Lit (Volume 10)https://www.amazon.com/Spot-Lit-10-Michael-Buckley/dp/1542823420/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1488273883&sr=1-1&keywords=spot+lit+10

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